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Collision Repair Magazine: AV/EV Report ⁠— November 22, 2019

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Autonomy in the Alps

Hamilton, Ont. residents will have to welcome some new, self-reliant hikers in the new year, as streets in the South Mountain neighbourhood will start serving as a testing grounds for autonomous vehicle technology in the second quarter of 2020.

Hamilton was selected as one of six “regional technology demonstration sites” after a city council vote on Nov. 18. Six streets will serve as a public testbed⁠—all chosen by Hamilton’s regional innovation centre, the Innovation Factory’s Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility⁠⁠—and will see both regular and autonomous traffic. 

Self-driving cars will be tested alongside regular vehicle traffic, but human drivers will always be present in case something goes wrong. 

However, the streets won’t actually be used as runways for autonomous vehicles. The technological component for integrating such self-driving technology, along with AI, sensors, vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and noise tracking technology, will undergo testing⁠—not the actual cars themselves, but rather the way they interact with the world around them.

“The different systems will be on a platform, on a track, that is sending data back in real-time to the control centre,” said John-Paul Danko, ward councillor for Hamilton. “At least, that is my interpretation of it. It’s not just an entire car driving itself around.”

Hamilton is not the first city in Ontario delving into autonomous tech⁠—in May, Windsor and London joined the province’s autonomous vehicle program, working on autonomous vehicle cybersecurity and cross-border technology as part of an $80 million commitment over the next five years.

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