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Routible is software that helps a mobile workforce transform wasted admin time into revenue-generating activities by eliminating paperwork and making dispatching more efficient.

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The RoadLaunch/FactR Smart Contract Logistics platform provides a simple & easy way to manage freight, fleet & invoice transactions, with instant & flexible payment solutions.



Block by block, we're REVolutionizing rideshare. Building a fair economy globally is the foundation of REV. At REV, we believe that technologies should be developed in a fair & socially responsible manner when they involve people. REV will directly connect Passengers to Drivers and allows a simple way for everyone to use digital currency in the REAL WORLD by leveraging blockchain technology.



Weav simplifies carpooling by matching drivers and riders travelling in the same direction.



Predictive diagnostics for vehicles that is powered by human-in-the-loop machine learning that automates diagnostics decisions.  The technology has been demonstrated to help save vehicle fleets over $2500/year per vehicle monitored.



Transnomis Solutions is a Toronto-based Canadian technology company that specializes in road information and communications solutions, serving customers in Canada, USA and Taiwan.



EECOMOBILITY provides unique fault detection, diagnosis and prognostic software technology, designed for the automotive industry.  ECCOMOBILITY’s software is a self-learning technology, proven and tested in real market conditions, providing high-speed analysis, with AI and Machine Learning. 

Tesseraqt Optimization Inc.

Tesseraqt is building cloud-based tools for real-time operations (scheduling, assignment, routing) optimization for autonomous delivery vehicle fleets. These types of problems can typically be described as network problems (using graphs/hypergraphs,) and thus will be solving using novel (classical and quantum) graph/hypergraph techniques.



Iris Research & Development is determined to bring together communities, spark creativity and foster innovation and collaboration in solving Smart City challenges. We believe that by leveraging existing city assets and invested stakeholders - we can create Next Generation Applications that solve community problems.

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MiStall’s technology assists parking operators to manage parking in surface lots and curb side. Our unique, off-grid cameras use machine learning to count vehicles and provide KPIs.  MiStall helps direct enforcement, and assist parkers to find empty spaces in real-time.

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Fortran Traffic Systems is a  leader in the North American traffic industry, providing integrated, turnkey Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions since 1979. 

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IMC's beginnings date back to 2004 but are a re-start to one of Canada's First Interactive Agencies (sold WPP in 1999). IMC specializes in AI business integration for businesses they have worked with for decades. 

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Gatik AI

Gatik was founded in 2017 with a mission to redefine B2B short-haul logistics using safe and reliable autonomous technology. Founded by industry veterans with more than a decade of experience of building autonomous vehicles and robots.

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MTC (MASA Tech Corp.)

MASA Tech Corp. is a IT consulting company in Agile project management i.e., complete SDLC using SCRUM or

Waterfall methodology. Their patented artificial intelligence product SAFTYR influences the billion-dollar tire industry by saving lives and monitoring Tire performance to the last thread with Real-time data warning system

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Applied Recognition

Applied Recognition (ARI) develops face recognition technology solutions which are engineered to be both accurate and practical, allowing your organization to upgrade to biometrics simply and inexpensively

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Electrans Technologies Ltd.

Electrans Technologies Ltd. design and fabricate a patent-pending electric drive platform to hybridize tractor-trailers, with additional features such as autonomous drive, enabling it to park trailers automatically.

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TiketFix is a mobile application, created by Gaschi Tech11 Inc, which allows people to pay or dispute parking tickets and traffic violations right from the comfort of their smart phones or tablets.

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